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Rachel and Will traveled to Paris, got engaged and then came home to get the sweetest little puppy! Peri is 10 week old fluff ball full of puppy energy and excitement! Rachel and Will met in college and have been dating ever since! I had a great time meeting up with them on Candlewood Lake earlier this week during the golden hour of the evening. Loved the glow off the lake and meeting up with this cute couple and new puppy! 



They went to high school together but only knew of one another. It wasn’t until a few years later, post college, out in the real world that they met at a local watering hole in NYC. This was just the beginning for Amanda and Spiros. Fast forward to present day, they have a beautiful baby girl (who I also had the pleasure of photographing), and are now planing their wedding. It was totally fitting that we had their session in NYC where it all started. Grand Central Station was pretty empty in the early morning with beautiful light coming through the big windows upstairs! Once we were done there, we headed over to meet up with Amanda’s sister, Alexa (another Keane Eye bride), who was watching Arianna. We trekked it over to Central Park where we finished up with some family and Arianna pictures. NYC is always entertaining and it was a beautify hot day in the city last week! I can’t wait for their December 2017 wedding! Cheers! 

Andrew is a huge Red Sox’s fan, and I being a Yankee’s fan, was a little worried about traveling into “enemy” territory with my husband for a session. But, we signed up for a tour with Aimee and Andrew hoping to sneak away for a few amazing pictures,… but as we entered the stadium, our tour group was so big (200ppl) they had to split us into 2. We stuck to the very back of our tour and ended up meeting George. George is a sweet man who let us hold back with him and he helped us find the best parts of the stadium for some amazing pictures. While we were walking with George, Aimee asked him how long he has been married. George, who’s been married for 47 years, gave Aimee and Andrew some advice. He said, make sure you always talk to one another. Then after a few steps forward, he stopped and said, “oh and listen to one another too, that is very important.” We had a great time with George and once he found out my husband and I were Yankee fans, he made sure to get in some jokes too. We had such a great time with him and got some amazing pictures. It was game day so as we headed out, the outside of the stadium was a bit busy. We then jetted over to Acorn St. for a few more pictures but we all could not stop talking about Fenway. What a great afternoon with such fun couple! My husband helped me and took some great photos too (there’s a few silly ones of me working at the bottom of this post)!

I can’t wait for their October 2018 wedding! 


These two met at a party, well he was in the way of watch the playoff game as she tried to watch! A friend said that they should date, Liz laughed because she couldn’t believe her friend was talking about the guy who was standing in the way of the game. Both Liz and Matt are diehard Bruins and Red Sox fans that enjoy watching the games together now. It was also bad timing for these two Bruins fans as well since it was a win-or-go-home situation that afternoon,… unfortunately, they lost 🙁 

When we originally schedule their session, rain was in the forecast. We talked about just rolling with whatever comes our way and the weather is the only thing we can’t control. Well, wouldn’t you know it, it was a warm, bright, sunshiny day instead! We met up at Hopkins Vineyard, my favorite vineyard, and Matt & Liz shared a bottle of thier favorite wine…. which happens to be my favorite wine too (the one with the the sailors on the front, the cabernet sauvignon)! I had a great time laughing and hiking with them! We hiked up to the top for some stunning views before heading down back to the winery to meet up with her parents, who had come along to help with Barley, their golden retriever! We then headed over to Angevine Farm to finish up our session with more beautiful views from the top. Here are some of my favorite images from their engagement session, I can’t wait for their September 2017 wedding this year!