I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet baby girl and her parents a year ago as a newborn. Now, here she is, already celebrating her first birthday! Time flies way to fast and I know her parents most certainly agree. I met them at Fairfield Hills to photograph her and her cake. It only rained a tiny bit, but we had fun! Happy Birthday Brianna! Here are my favorites from her session with me! 

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They went to high school together but only knew of one another. It wasn’t until a few years later, post college, out in the real world that they met at a local watering hole in NYC. This was just the beginning for Amanda and Spiros. Fast forward to present day, they have a beautiful baby girl (who I also had the pleasure of photographing), and are now planing their wedding. It was totally fitting that we had their session in NYC where it all started. Grand Central Station was pretty empty in the early morning with beautiful light coming through the big windows upstairs! Once we were done there, we headed over to meet up with Amanda’s sister, Alexa (another Keane Eye bride), who was watching Arianna. We trekked it over to Central Park where we finished up with some family and Arianna pictures. NYC is always entertaining and it was a beautify hot day in the city last week! I can’t wait for their December 2017 wedding! Cheers! 

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wedding date: July 1st, 2017

It all started with a crush when they were in high school. Melissa was younger and loved everything about Jacob, but Jacob was older and a little hesitant. That’s where it all started. They’ve been best friends for 10 years and dating for the last 7. That is what helped build this strong relationship between the two of them.  They did everything together and when Melissa attended college, they stayed together. They have been through a lot together and you can honestly feel the love they have for one another when you are around them. It is infectious! I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and coaching both Melissa and Jacob. Every wedding I am at is special to me, but this was extra special to be a part of, especially since I photographed their proposal as well! 

Their wedding day was nothing short of perfect! They were surrounded by all their friends and family on the beach at Lighthouse Point in New Haven, CT. The afternoon called for rain, but it stayed away, except for a small sprinkle after their vows, but that brought out a rainbow over their venue. I am sure we all believe it was a little sign from their friend Ed, who was watching from above. Ed would have been a groomsman, but he passed away too soon. Melissa and Jacob had a beautiful tribute to him in the reception hall and his brother Christian, was the best man. Aside from the rainbow, Ed also let others know he was there- a twisted tea was opened and it said “Ed” on the cap. When the Best Man was asked to hand the rings to their officiant, he pretended he “lost” them,… and as a surprise to Melissa, their dog Tucker, brought the rings down the isle. It was perfect! 

The reception continued on inside the venue where there was an antique carousel that guests could ride at any time through the evening. The sunset was spectacular, and Spencer, the DJ kept the dance floor rocking all night long. At the end of the evening, their friend, and one of the groomsmen, Charlie, played the bagpipes for everyone.

Here’s to the many more years of love and happiness for this couple, Cheers! 

Caterer: Carriage House Events and Catering, Chris

DJ: Dance to the Music, Spencer

Makeup: Maggie Dalton & Caroline and Hair: Samantha Hembrook

Rentals: All Season Party and Tent Rentals, Dave & Sarah

If you know Melissa & Jacob,… this picture of these two is them in a nut shell!

Photographed by: Erica Keane and Ali Lee for Keane Eye Photography

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I am sure if you have been following my photography for the last year and a half you have certainly heard, or read, about this amazing story! Two babies, TWINS, with completely different birthdays. It was Amber’s last attempt at IVF (after having 9 other failed attempts) and her best friend, Cindy, who also offered to be a surrogate for her. Both the IVF and the surrogacy worked! The TWINS have different birthdays, but both are happy, healthy and thriving little ONE year olds! I am so lucky I know them and I get to photograph this family! 

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Here’s to one of the cutest families I know 🙂 

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