Thursday’s Thought- Try something new

I’m not sure if you are anything like me, but I stick to what I know. I order the same things when I go out to eat at my favorite restaurant, I use the same brands (even if I might have a coupon for something cheaper), I drive the same way home from work everyday. It’s funny how we are all creatures of habit and to change something is sometimes so hard and confusing. This past week in a fit of furry because of the lack of time I had to stop at the grocery store, I needed a bar of soap. I normally use the same exact soap every time I go to the store, but today I saw something that caught my eye and was a little different. It was glycerin soap and it was a couple of dollars cheaper. Out of curiosity, and really not knowing any better, I picked it up and purchased it. When I got home to use it for the 1st time, it is really a different kind of soap, a bit more foamy and kinda nice! I was laughing to myself about how hard change is for some of us over such small things.

This week, I also rented a new camera lens. I know I would like to upgrade my equipment even though I am comfortable and have a connection with what I use now. My lenses that I consistently use work for me. But this week, I tried something new and I’m in love… soo in love that I would like to purchase it!

When I was thinking about my blog post this week and the changes I have made, I was laughing at myself. Change is such a small and trivial thing to some but so incredibly hard for others. Kind of like changing the clocks back,… now that is something I will never get used to when I loose an hour of sleep. I wish change came easy for me, but I’m like a stubborn old beagle, stuck in my ways because they have worked for me for years. But after this week with my change in soap and a new lens, I need to start taking on more change and trying something new. These changes worked for me, but I think there is also great learning in changes that may not work.

So this week, I dare you, try something new,… even if it is small like your bar of soap.


“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

–Gail Sheehy


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