Thursday’s Thought- Inspiration


Ever ask yourself what inspires you? I’ve been taking a look at that myself.  Where does my inspiration come from? Have you ever had your breath taken away by an seeing something amazing? Maybe it is just me, but when I see beauty, whether it be in nature or in the face of two people who are in love, or a family with a newborn baby, I become breathless. No, not breathless as I am going to die,… but breathless because you feel like you are there, in that picture, in that moment.  And in that moment, your memories will never fade, because you have a photograph that captured that feeling and that moment. That is what inspires me to keep up with my photography…

But who inspires me, who is behind me to keep pushing, to keep going, to keep chasing this crazy, rollercoaster dream of being a photographer? My family… in particular my husband, my son and my parents. I want to be a better photographer for them and for you, my clients, the ones that keep coming back because you believe in me! When I am shopping and I pass a cool prop, I pick it up for you because I think it might be pretty awesome in you family session or on your wedding day.

So,… thank YOU for continuing to push me, to make me better and for your constant energy! And I can’t say thank you enough to my husband Chris, and my parents- YOU are the ones who have let me chase my dreams!

Who inspires you and who are you going to thank for that extra push when you want to stop?

L~ F~:

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