Same me, different font…

Out with the old and in with the new! I’ve been working like crazy to get my new website, blog and logo all released!

You might remember seeing the old logo,…


The “eye” logo took me from the launch of my business and through the first years of my business- and I thought it served me well! But as I have take a hard look at my photography and my business, I’ve headed to a new look! Same me, different font 😉 I had a mentoring session with the Ah-Maze-ING photographers, Justin & Mary back in January. If you have never heard of them or met them, you are missing out. They are some of the nicest, down to earth people I have met. They have a fantastic business and are amazing at what they do! I can not put words to the outcome of my mentoring session with them and what they have done for me! They have been such a huge support and awesome cheerleaders. You are seeing the results of a morning I spent with them. They really helped me define ME and MY photography and MY style. I’m gearing my upcoming years and devoting most of my time to wedding photography,.. that is not to say I will not be taking in newborn and family clients,…but I will be taking limited numbers of sessions in that field. I really love being a part of someones wedding day. It makes me LOVE what I am doing!!! I LOVE capturing LOVE a couple has for each other through a camera lens, on a photograph for generations to look back and see. I LOVE getting those genuine emotions and feelings documented.

To really capture my changes I needed to take a hard look at what people see when they first see me, though the web. I needed an update and BAD…. below is my new logo, same me, different font!


With these changes came some long battles, and some I am still fighting. When I created my website and my new blog I lost ALL of my old blogs and images that I had been posting the last few years. In order for me to get those back I have had to literally, recreate ALL of my sessions and repost ALL of my work. It has been quite the learning curve too. I have implemented new systems I will use to edit and blog my sessions but I had to learn how they work first. This took a while, a LONG while to become comfortable….

Now that I have got the work “flow” down, I have been uploading all of my older sessions, starting with my weddings and engagements. Here on my blog you will see MOST of my weddings and engagements from the past…. but my newborns and families are not up yet. The only family sessions posted are the ones that I had completed recently. I will have them up there- it just takes time…. so sorry for the delay but your photos WILL be back up here!

As for now, please check back and check back frequently! Feel free to comment or to send me a message and tell me what you think! I’d LOVE to hear from you! Like I said, I am not going anywhere-

,… it’s the same me, different font!

L~ F~:
  • Gabi

    You are amazing! I love following your work! You are such an inspiration and a great mentor! Thank you for having such a passion for what you do! I’m so glad that I got to meet you on my wedding day and that you got to be apart of it and capture moments that I can treasure for my lifetime – I recommend you to everyone!!!ReplyCancel

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