Kalin & Christine- UCONN Engagement

Kalin and Christine met at a frat party when they both attended UCONN. Neither one could have predicted that the rest of their lives started that night they met. Since graduating from UCONN, they both have local jobs that keep them close enough to campus that they could go when they’d like, but far enough that they have not been there. Fast forward to how they found me,… Christine was working as a wedding planner at a venue I was photographing a wedding at. I submitted my photos to her after the wedding was over so the venue could use them, she submitted them to be published because she loved them so much! Turns out, that resulted in one of my published weddings! 

When planning for their engagement session, we were excited for a good weather day. They brought their dogs and we met at Horsebarn Hill. I have been to UCONN before to watch basketball, attend graduation and during my college career, definitely was on campus, but I have never taken the time to take a look at how beautiful it is! As we started their cloudy engagement session and our trek up to the top of Horsebarn Hill, we felt a few fat rain drops fall on our heads, but we kept walking. No sooner did we reach the top, the clouds opened up and it started to pour on us,… and I had umbrellas,… but they were in the car. The rest of the session was a wet one but they just rolled with it, flawlessly. And at the risk of of sounding corny, their love they have for one another could make the sunshine on any day! Enjoy my favorites from their rainy day engagement session with me, they rocked the weather! 

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